We engineer our products to have the extras without the extra price. All our products are powdercoated with a plug and play design. Nothing left out, no gotchas when the unit arrives, just superior performance at a competitive price.

Downdraft Tables

Plug & play, self contained with automatic cleaning. Perfect for grinding, welding, cutting, sanding, buffing or polishing.

Model Work surface
SD23 24" x 36"
SD34 36" x 55"
SD46 48" x 72"
SD48 48" x 96"
Quickdry (Parts Drying Table) 36" x 96"
SD Series Spray Package Convert to paint tables

Air Cleaners

Superior air cleaners are a simple and cost effective way to remove welding smoke or that blue haze in your machine shop.

Model CFM
SAC3000 (3000 CFM)
SAC6000 (Specs coming soon) (6000 CFM)
SSC2000 (Specs coming soon) (2000 CFM Cartridge Style)

Industrial Dust Collectors

Vertical filters - ledgeless design powerpulse cleaning system. Available in combustible dust compliant packages.

Model # of Filters CFM Capacity
SDC2 2 (Up to 1500 CFM)
SDC4 4 (Up to 3000 CFM)
SDC4X (52" XL Filters) 8 (Up to 6000 CFM)
RH1500 2 1500 CFM
Solobox 1 700 CFM

Mist Collectors

Machine Mount - High Capacity - Central Systems - Specialty

Model Type CFM
SMC500 Machine Mount (500 CFM)
SMC3000 Central System (3000 CFM)
SMC6000 Central System (6000 CFM)

Oder/Vapor Scrubbers

Custom designed odor and vapor scrubbers available in stainless steel or powder coated finish.

BC1200 is designed to provide years of service and available with or without fan assist. More info

Booth Modules

The SBM8000 is a sleek booth module that features 10,000 CFM of airflow out of the gate.

Equipped with our exclusive filter actuators standard you can raise and lower the filters at the touch of a button for a filter change that takes minutes... More info


The SP1500 is designed to provide high volume capture of welding smoke, dust or other contaminants at the source. Featuring 120v power and an easy roll design, you can take this unit where've you need clean air.

The SP1500 provides the highest level of suction offered in a portable, 1500 CFM with an 8" diameter arm, 1000 CFM with a 6" diameter arm. Capture velocities at the hood exceed 2000 feet per minute.


Need a round or curved downdraft table? No problem.
Need a unit in stainless steel? No problem.
Need a special color? No problem.

Whatever your industrial filtration needs, we will design it and guarantee it's performance.
That is the SUPERIOR difference.

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