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Demand the Best in a Downdraft Dust Collector

By November 16, 2020February 15th, 2021Downdraft Table, Dust Collection, Mist Collector

It is simply a proven fact that not all downdraft dust collectors are created the same. As a matter fact this type of unique and rugged industrial machine requires careful consideration from the design stage all the way through the final build. While there are many companies throughout the country that design and custom craft these type of devices, one company above all others has consistently exceeded customer’s expectations on an annual basis. Superior Air Products is a reliable and dependable source for the finest quality wet collection devices, downdraft tables, dust collectors and mist collectors as well as other similar pieces of equipment.

Moved Swiftly Downward and Into the Hopper

Downdraft dust collector equipment is highly specialized and requires exceedingly detailed attention to overall construction. This includes everything from having a built-in abrasive inlet as well as an impact plate that is rugged, durable and heavy-duty in nature. This helps to ensure that dust particles are moved swiftly downward into the hopper. In addition, this results in the finest of particles being drawn directly onto the cartridge for the greatest amount of efficiency. This is a smart design feature because it helps to limit the amount of dust loading that occurs. The end result is filters that last longer and the elimination of the need for additional expensive add-on equipment.

Highly Customized Units to Meet Specific and Specialized Needs

Superior Air Products is truly an industry leader in everything from downdraft tables to dust collectors and a full range of wet collection equipment. Superior takes advantage of the latest technology to always ensure the highest quality equipment. Each unit that is designed and built by the company is made of American steel that is heavy gauge and high quality. In addition, customers can request highly customized units to meet their specific and specialized needs. The company takes proven designs and adds ruggedness, durability and overall heavy-duty strength. Contact Superior Air Products today to learn more about a full line of downdraft dust collectors.