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Get the Right Aluminum Dust Collection System

By November 16, 2020February 15th, 2021Dust Collection, Mist Collector

When it comes to industry and manufacturing, having access to the right aluminum dust collection system is absolutely essential for businesses small and large alike. Whether it is a wet downdraft table or some other type of similar device, one thing is sure and that is that combustible dust removal not only has safety implications but also long-term cost implications. Industry and manufacturing that relies upon this type of dust collection system routinely turn to the best products in the business as a way to maintain safety and profitability. As a matter of fact, choosing a high-quality system intended for dust collection is a smart financial move.

Potential Combustion and Serious Safety Concerns

Highly engineered units that are intended specifically to collect dust that is ferrous and non-ferrous metal in nature must be designed with careful consideration. These products are designed and manufactured to ensure that combustible dust is properly removed in a highly efficient manner. Anything short of this could result in potential combustion and serious safety concerns. Through the use of high velocity suction resulting in powerful downdraft velocities, ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles are quickly evacuated in a safe and efficient manner.

There Is No Filter Replacement Required

Most importantly, regardless of the type of downdraft table used for aluminum dust particles, one thing is sure and that is that it must meet and exceed OSHA standards. Choosing to work with Superior Air Products is one of the best ways to have access to high-quality aluminum dust collection systems. The company specializes in wet collectors that are rugged, durable and heavy-duty by design. Best of all, these devices boast a sleek form factor and solid construction. They are easy to maintain, while the clean out process has been simplified making it effortless, especially considering that there is no filter replacement required. Those in search of the best in air filtration systems, downdraft tables and dust collectors need look no further than Superior Air Products. Call today.