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Model SAC3000

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The SAC3000 is designed to draw air through both sides of the air cleaner and exhaust cleaned air out the middle of the unit. Usually sold in multiple units to create an airflow pattern in the area of your shop that needs to be cleaned.


With a low cost of ownership, our T series air cleaners offer the lowest cost per CFM of air to be effectively cleaned. Let one of our Superior sales reps design an effective system for your shop.


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FOOTPRINT:25″ w x 25″ D x 72″ L
FILTRATION:2 ea. 24″ x 24″ x 4″ Merv 8 Pleats and 2 ea 24″ x 24″ x 30″ 95% Bags
MOTOR/BLOWER:3/4 HP DirectDrive Blower
VOLTAGE/AMPS:120V Single phase std (13.8 AMPS)
WEIGHT:180 lbs
CABINET/FINISH:12 G welded steel finished w/superior blue paint inside & out
EXHAUST:Square mesh outlet plenum


Equipped with 2 layers of filtration, we achieve 95% filtration efficiency on particles down to 0.3 microns. Easy front load filter access makes changing filters a snap.


Ambient Air Cleaners

Downdraft tables provide the perfect combination of a workbench and air filtration system in one unit! Our downdraft benches and tables are completely customizable for whatever job you are working on and can be used a variety of applications. Many of the industrial fumes and dust particles can be dangerous to your eyes and respiratory system. Our powerful downdraft tables will pull these harmful particulates downward and away to be filtered from the air you breath.

Fume Extraction
Welding Smoke Collection
Odor Control
Oil Mist Filtration
Capture Of Airborne Nuisance Dusts
Mist & Vapors