Driving Greater Value for Our Customers and Markets

C&W DustTech Acquires
Superior Air Products


Superior Air Products and C&W DustTech are committed and focused on clean air technologies. Learn how two of the most trusted names in the industry are bringing the highest performing equipment to our customers and the markets we serve.


This partnership allows us to further drive new innovations and applications across our individual products and markets. Here’s how:

  • Leveraging our collective knowledge of filtration and separation technologies will enable us to continuously improve our products and services and better serve our customers and markets.
  • A shared commitment to equipping customers with the highest performing products and solutions that meet or even exceed increasingly stringent operational and clean-air regulatory requirements.
  • Both companies will continue to operate as separate entities and continue to provide high-quality clean-air technologies

You can always count on Superior Air Products to integrate new technologies into our product lines, improve customer performance and create healthier and safer work environments. We are proud to be Superior!

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