Downdraft Tables

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Our Superior filtration units are custom built to fill your environment! Let us know what your needs are when it comes to dimensions, manufacturing processes, and workplace hazards and we will put together a quote just for you! Our filtration units are competitively priced and lead the industry in craftsmanship and filtration strength.

SD23 Downdraft Table

Our downdraft benches and tables are completely customizable for whatever job you are working on and can be used a variety of applications.

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SD34 Downdraft Table

The SD34 is a fully self contained downdraft table, meaning all you have to do is plug it in and go to work.

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SD46 Downdraft Table

Prewired from the factory (including LED light,) the table is designed to exceed 250 feet per minute of downdraft suction.

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SD48 Downdraft Table

Dirty air is run through a highly efficient cartridge filter and clean air is exhausted to the left of the workstation.

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