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We can equip any of our downdraft tables with our “spray package”. This package includes the following modifications to our standard tables:

1. Encloses the side, top and back of the unit to make it an open face booth.
2. Replace the cartridge filters with a set of panel spray pre-filters, NESHAP 319 final stage bag filter and carbon after filter modules to control VOC’s.
3. Use of a Class 1, Div 1 and 2 explosion rated motor and spark proof impeller.
4. Add Protective Mat over grating to protect paint and parts coatings.


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SD182418″ X 24″ – 1/2 HP, 120V – 500 CFM
SD2324″ X 36″ – 3/4 HP, 120V – 1000 CFM
SD3436″ X 55″ – 3 HP 460V – 2500 CFM
SD4648″ X 72″ – 3 HP (208/230 OR 460V) – 3500 CFM
SD4848″ X 72″ – 5 HP(208/230 OR 460V) – 5000 CFM


Explosion Rated Lighting and Explosion Rated Controls.

Standard Features

Side Access Carbon
Whisper Silencer
Protective Mat