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Model RH1500

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No need for ducting or custom hoods. The Superior RH1500 comes standard with a 54″ x 54″ canopy hood. We can build custom sizes to suit your application. Units can also be banked side by side for larger coverage.


The RH1500 is great for robotic hood applications. Just mount the unit above the robot and let the RH1500 do it’s work. Nothing to interfere with the weld cell, easy to install and can be equipped with optional lights. Self cleaning cartridge filters make this unit a great fit for high volume applications. Easy access dust tray for disposal of dust once the filters are cleaned.


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Product Manuals

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FOOTPRINT:54”W x 54” D” x 55” T
FILTRATION:2 ea. Nanofiber FR Cartridges
MOTOR/BLOWER:1 1/2 HP Direct Drive Blower
VOLTAGE/AMP:120V or 208/230-460V (18, 5.2, or 2.6 AMPS)
WEIGHT:420 Lbs
EXHAUSTTop Upblast
CABINET/FINISH:12 G welded steel finished w/superior blue
paint inside & out


Equipped with nano fiber fire retardant cartridge filters, we offer filtration levels at 99.97% efficiency. With the self cleaning power pulse, you can expect longer filter life intervals than the competition.


Dust Collector Solutions

Dust collectors can be used in a considerable amount of different applications because dust is so pervasive. Many times it is the finished aspect of manufacturing such as sanding, polishing, and buffing that can create very fine particles of dust. These particles are not only harmful when inhaled, but can also irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Superior Air Products dust collecting solutions keep fine particles under control and away from the worker at all times. In addition to the health benefits of using a dust collector, your workshop will see massive improvements in cleanliness.

Parts Drying
Welding Smoke Collection
Capture any dry dust or powder
Fume Extraction
Odor Control