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Model SMC6000

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The SMC6000 is designed to be ducted to multiple machining centers. This machine is highly efficient and works well where machine mount systems are not feasible. Available in 5 HP or 7.5Hp, this unit can be used to control oil/smoke/mist in up to 10 Machining Centers.

95% OR 99.97% EFFICIENT

The Superior SMC3000 is highly customizable system. Typical design features a 2″ mist eliminator baffle/mesh combination followed by a 95% efficient oil mist bag filter. The design allows for the installation of a 99.97% DOP Hepa filter or odor control modules as well.


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FOOTPRINT:70″ W x 31″ D x 100″ T
FILTRATION:Standard 2″ Baffle, 2″ Mesh with 95% Primary Oil Mist Bag
MOTOR/BLOWER:5 or 7.5 Hp direct drive fan package
VOLTAGE:208/230 or 460V
WEIGHT:600 lbs
EXHAUSTTop Side Exhaust
CABINET/FINISH:Standard 12 gauge Powdercoated Blue / Optional in Stainless Steel


With heavy duty 12 gauge construction and easy seal filters, the SMC6000 is built for years of service, even in rugged environments.


Mist Collector Solutions

Machines that produce airborne mists, odors, dust, smoke, or sub-micron vapors are no match for our Mist Collector units. These manufacturing byproducts can contaminate your workspace and cause harm to your workers and other machines. Many of Superior Air Products mist collectors are mounted above your machines to allow drainage back into the unit while saving floor space! The benefits reflected from this filtration unit are astounding considering it’s small footprint in the workshop.

CNC Machining
Boring with: Straight Oil, Water Soluble Coolants, Hydraulic Fluid