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The Downdraft Table and Reliability Industry Expects

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Safety should always be job-one when it comes to a wide range of industrial and manufacturing related businesses. That said a downdraft table is an essential and vital part of ensuring that workers remain safe and free of injury. When a downdraft table is properly designed and manufactured it can produce remarkable results in terms of keeping workers out of harm’s way. Whether it is a mist collector or an oil collector or some other type of downdraft table, one thing is sure and that is that working with a reliable source in the industry will ensure that a fully functional product is delivered. Accepting second best in this regard simply will not do.

Smart Choice

From the aerospace industry to the automotive industry and the technology sector, as well as other important segments of the economy, working with a trusted name that designs and builds only the best downdraft tables is a smart choice. One company that has earned a reputation for providing quality downdraft tables and other similar products is Superior Air Products. The company has a proven formula for success and strives to deliver only the best products and the finest customer service for businesses small and large alike across the country. With so much to offer it is clear to see why Superior Air Products continues to outshine the competition.

Safety and Health

Best of all, most tables produced by the company are self-contained. This means that all that is required is to plug it in and then to go to work. Devoid of complex procedures, a simple plug-and-play design means that businesses are up and running without delay. These tables are typically prewired from the factory and offer industrial-strength downdraft suction that is impressive to say the least. The goal is always to have clean air exhausted to the workstation ensuring worker safety and health. These tables deliver in that regard and go beyond the minimum requirements to produce outstanding results for those in industry and manufacturing. Contact Superior Air Products today to learn more.

Downdraft Table SD23 Case Study

By Downdraft Table, SD23

Superior Air Model SD23 Dry Cartridge Style Downdraft Table

Application:  Grinding and Debur of Composite rubber coating on electric motors

Superior Air Products received a call from a potential customer inquiring about our self-cleaning, high efficiency downdraft tables for a dry dust.  The end user was currently using a competitor’s downdraft table (Grizzly brand) that was geared more towards woodworking and home use than heavy industrial use.  The client was happy with the suction on the table, however the competitors unit was not stopping the dust in the filters and instead dust was being blown through the filters and back all over their shop.

While the application of deburring and grinding on encapsulated motor windings involved a tremendous amount of fine dust, we explained that some tables are not meant for use in high production and very fine dust loading, but that our tables would work very well because of our design and the use of nanofiber self cleaning cartridge filters.  The nanofiber is the highest efficiency self-cleaning filter available on the market at MERV 15 or 99.97% efficient down to 0.3 microns.  If you are not familiar with microns, smoke is normally in the 0.3-0.8 micron range.  Any sort of dust will typically be above 1 micron, so when we use these filters, we are nearing 100% efficiency.

The customer was excited to see the unit perform with his exact parts, so samples were sent in and can be seen on the attached video.  You will see that we are capturing all the dust with no dust emissions on the exhaust.  As with every Superior Brand product, we offered the customer a money back guarantee and they are now a very happy Superior Air Products customer. You too can take advantage of the impressive performance and cost saving downdraft tables from Superior Downdraft by contacting us today!

How the Downdraft Table Operates

Superior utilizes a direct drive high capacity blower wheel to produce 300 feet per minute of downdraft velocity (much higher than required by OSHA).  All dust is drawn down into the unit through a fiberglass grate, through a series of spark baffles and finally into the fire retardant nanofiber filters.  During operation, the self cleaning filters use compressed air to dump the dust captured into an easily removable dust drawer that should be emptied daily.  Typically the filter in this unit is replaced annually on a one-shift operation.  List price on this particular filter is $105, so the annual cost of operation is only $105 plus the cost of electricity to power the ¾ HP motor blower, resulting in an extremely low cost of ownership.

downdraft table model sd23 front view
SD23 Model Downdraft Table
25″ D x 33″ W x 78″ T
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Sourcing the Best Downdraft Table for Industry

By Downdraft Table

Sourcing the Best Downdraft Table for Industry

Today more than ever before quality of air has become a major issue and that’s why air filtration systems are so inherently important. For example, downdraft tables are required for a wide range of industrial processes. Typically speaking, fully self-contained downdraft type tables are easy and efficient to use. In other words, they are basically plug and go by design. In many cases this type of table is fully prewired on delivery from the factory including integral LED lighting. With high-capacity downdraft suction, these tables deliver the results that industry expects.

In Search of a Highly Efficient System

In essence, dirty air passes through a cartridge that is essentially nanofiber and fire-retardant resulting in the highly efficient cleaning of air. The air is moved away from the workstation allowing for work to progress without interruption. In addition, most of today’s modern downdraft tables will include a spark arrestor where the application calls for this type of accessory. Those in search of a highly efficient system that combines air filtration with a workbench in one compact unit need look no further than today’s modern technologically advanced downdraft tables.

Extracting These Harmful Particles Downward and Away

Downdraft benches and tables can easily be customized to a company’s specific needs. Regardless of the job at hand, there is a solution to fit your needs. With industrial particulates, dust and fumes becoming a serious concern in terms of the hazards that they present to the respiratory system as well as the eyes, having the right type of table with downdraft functionality is absolutely essential. Extracting these harmful particles downward and away from workers and properly filtering that air is always the goal. Contact Superior Air Products today for more information on this and other similar types of products.

Discover Downdraft Table Products That Last

By Downdraft Table

Discover Downdraft Table Products That Last

Today industry depends upon the high-quality functionality of modern downdraft table products. These tables with unique downdraft functionality allow for improved work environments and greater levels of efficiency through all stages of production. The products and accessories associated with these types of tables must be sourced from a trusted name in the business. While there are many companies today that produce these products, only a handful deliver in terms of excellent operational performance and affordability.

Various Sized Downdraft Tables Are Available

There are even paint table conversions and welding bench conversions that can be incorporated into the use of modern downdraft table products. One company that has a trusted name in the industry when it comes to producing the best in downdraft tables and products is Superior Air Products. Everything from different sized paint table conversions to a full range of various design style downdraft tables are available from Superior Air Products. The company is known for its dedication to bringing new technology to an outdated industry.

Proven Designs Are Built Upon to Produce Heavy Duty Machines

All units built by the company make use of American-made heavy gauge steel. Best of all, units are highly customizable to ensure that customers needs are met in the most efficient and affordable way possible. Proven designs are built upon to produce heavy duty machines that are intended to last through even the toughest work environments. Quality control is always at the forefront with the company. With in-house assembly and experienced and knowledgeable build technicians, you can be sure that your custom design will meet rigorous standards from start to finish. To learn more about the innovation and quality that Superior Air Products makes possible, contact the company today.