Wet Downdraft Tables

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Superior Air is leading the industry in combustible dust removal with our new SWC(Superior Wet Collector) series. Superior’s highly engineered units safely collect ferrous and non-ferrous metals with push/pull high velocity suction with downdraft velocities averaging in excess of over 350 feet per minute, while exceeding OSHA standards. Our Wet Collectors are heavy duty with a sleek design. They are easy to maintain with easy access cleanout and no replacement filters.

WDC3000 Wet Downdraft Collector

Leading the industry in combustible dust removal, our Superior Wet Collectors are easy to maintain and sport a clean, sleek design.

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WDC8000 Wet Downdraft Collector

The WDC8000 features all of the same features as our other Wet Filtration Units with increased power for larger applications.

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DUAL SIDED Wet Downdraft Tables

Our base units can be modified with our unique modular table designs to incorporate working downdraft tables that have an efficient footprint.

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DUCTED Wet Collectors

Attach a ducted wet collection unit to your existing machinery to clean the air from a variety of manufacturing processes such as CNC machining and more.

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The Superior Pro Series Wet Booths create the ultimate filtration setup to keep your shop environment and working spaces running clean.

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