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December 2020

Finding the Right Downdraft Table for Your Operational Needs

By Downdraft Table

Modern and highly advanced downdraft tables play a vital and important role in today’s complex industry and manufacturing related operations. That said choosing the right downdraft table for your specific needs can make all the difference in terms of overall functionality and greatly minimizes downtime concerns. In the simplest of terms, a downdraft type table is nothing more than an advanced workbench that features built-in ventilation. These kinds of tables are essential in industry and manufacturing when it comes to capturing smoke, dust, fumes and other particulates.

Efficient and Powerful Ventilation System

A quality workbench of this style will be highly efficient at drawing all undesirable particulates away from the machine where work is being conducted. Downdraft tables typically are comprised of a perforated surface that leads to an efficient and powerful ventilation system. In other cases, rather than ventilation these machines may just simply collect dust or particulates for later removal. Either way, one thing is sure and that is that these machines play an exceedingly essential role in keeping industry and manufacturing operating at peak performance. These workbenches are also instrumental in helping to keep workers healthy and safe.

Workbench with a Built-In Ventilation System

With years of a proven track record, downdraft tables have served industry and manufacturing well over the decades. These machines continue to evolve and become even better with time. All said, the best way to get the most out of any workbench with a built-in ventilation system is to work with a trusted name in the business. One company in particular that has proven to be one of the best in the business is Superior Air Products. The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff on site ready to help regardless of the complexity of the project at hand. To learn more about innovative and highly reliable downdraft tables they get the job done right, contact Superior Air Products today.

Choose Only the Best Dust Collection Products

By Dust Collection

Industrial dust collection systems play an important and vital role in today’s modern industry and manufacturing. That is why it is key to get it right when it comes to choosing this type of equipment for your operation. In short, never expect second-best when it comes to this critical type of industrial and manufacturing related equipment. The best dust collection products available today will ensure a clean and functional work environment that is beneficial to workers and that reduces costs resulting from un-clean or unsatisfactory workspaces. These machines have evolved over the years and have become incredibly efficient and dependable.

Quality Products and Competitive Pricing

Regardless of the type of dust collector product that your company needs, one thing is repeatedly clear and that is that choosing carefully when it comes to the companies that design and manufacture this equipment is absolutely essential. While there are many companies throughout the region across the country that produce dust collection products, one in particular has stood the test of time in regard to quality products and competitive pricing. Superior Air Products is a respected and trusted name in a full range of manufacturing related equipment including everything from mist collectors to dust collectors and downdraft tables.

New Level of Excellence

Superior sets itself apart from the competition because it provides new and innovative products that are customizable and designed to fit the specific needs of customers. Using the latest technology Superior strives to always deliver for the customer regardless of how simple or complex a project may be. While in many ways, this type of equipment is coming from an aging industry, Superior breaks the mold and takes downdraft tables, dust collectors and mist collectors to an entirely new level of excellence. Years of experience and a team of professionals means that when you purchase from Superior Air Products you are getting quality, dependability and guaranteed performance. Contact the company today to learn more.

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Mist Collection Products That Perform as Advertised

By Mist Collector

There is a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing related businesses that require the highest quality mist collectors available today. A mist collection system is a custom piece of equipment that is designed to filter air in machine shops. This is important because this filtering process helps to remove harmful mist and especially mist that contains oil or other toxic substances. CNC machines, milling machines and grinding machines all require some type of mist collection device. Eliminating mist is important to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for those working in a machine shop environment.

Saving Businesses Money

Mist collectors are essential pieces of equipment because they help to maintain air that is clean and a room that is properly ventilated so that an indoor environment stays productive and healthy. This improves efficiency and reduces worker downtime and worker health related issues. In short, these machines help to improve productivity while saving businesses money by reducing lost work of employees. Simply stated, miss collectors clean the air and keep businesses operating at peak performance. There are many different types of collection devices of this nature available on the market today. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals that design, manufacture and distribute these products is always the first place to start.

Unique and Technologically Advanced

One company that has continually outpaced the competition in terms of quality products and reasonable pricing when it comes to mist collectors is Superior Air Products. The company prides itself on being innovative and forward-looking. Rather than focusing on old and outdated products, the company is dedicated to customizing unique and technologically advanced products that improve productivity and overall workspace environmental conditions. All units are built using heavy gauge American-made steel ensuring the highest quality available. In essence, these machines are bulletproof and are designed to last in even the toughest and harshest of conditions. Contact Superior Air Products today to learn more.